Garrison: Communicating to a specialist audience

As a pioneer in the cybersecurity sector, Garrison protects public and private sector organisations against cyber-attacks by allowing users to browse the Internet entirely safely. We have worked with Garrison to raise awareness of its secure browser isolation technology and build credibility of the business in the commercial sector.

When we first started working with Garrison in 2022, the company was already well-embedded in the UK market across multiple government departments. Our task has been to help educate the commercial sector about the benefits of browser isolation, and more specifically take ownership of the term ‘pixel pushing’ – a term identified as commercially important to own.

During the time that we have worked with Garrison, we have focused on placing thought leadership content in business, technology and vertical trade media to educate the market about the benefits and importance of browser isolation and position Garrison as a credible leader in this field.

In working closely with Garrison’s Marketing team, co-founders and other senior experts, we have developed article content, secured placements, and reached target audiences through financial, security, technology, energy, manufacturing and business media. This work helped Garrison to appear in second place when searching for ‘pixel pushing’ on Google.

“Duo’s model certainly seems to be working. It’s been a pleasure working with our team at Duo from the beginning!”

Imogen Frearson,

Head of Marketing, Garrison